Worst experience I’ve ever had literally left in tears. I came in to get full highlights and did not even get my hair done drove an hour to get my hair done and nothing. I even asked the gentleman that was going to do my hair if he could at least do something and he said no because my hair is to dry but it’s not I did not style my hair properly therefore making my hair look dry and trying to fix my hair recently I ended up having golden roots and my other half of my hair looking different. Honestly I was looking forward to this Place as it was highly recommended by a friend but I indeed felt discriminated it was such a horrible experience. Since the moment I got there he had a really nasty attitude for no reason. You should really adjust your staff behavior and attitude towards customers. Also it would’ve been understood if the individual doesn’t know how to deal with curly hair it was the way he went about it that was just unprofessional.